Before moderating a content, please get familiar with the procedure of entering the data from the User guide for Contributors.

After an entry has been made to the database, an e-mail is automatically sent to Moderator (Work Group accordingly) with the following content:


The first link can be used to preview the entry. Although you can preview the NWFP (first link), the NWFP is still not published.

To moderate the content use the second link (‘Please log into the database and edit the NWFP’).

If you think the NWFP doesn’t need any moderation, hit the blue ‘Publish’ button from the right sidebar


If the content should be somewhat changed or updated, don’t publish the product, but send an e-mail to the contributor to perform additional changes or updates. After the Contributor makes the changes, you will receive another e-mail asking you to moderate the content. If now the product description is acceptable, publish it.