Nature Research Centre
Gamtos tyrimų centras

  • Laboratory of economic botany

    The Nature Research Centre is a state scientific research institute. The Centre is a public legal entity operating as a state budget institution and performing long-term research and experimental (social and cultural) development activities according to research trends established in the Articles of Association of the Centre and significant for the state, society, international communications and business.

    The founder of the Centre is the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

    Purposes of the centre

    • to carry out long-term research and experimental (social and cultural) development activities in ecology, botany, mycology, microbiology, virology, zoology, parasitology and geosciences relevant for sustainability and the development of the economy, culture, health care and society;
    • to cooperate with business, government and public representatives, to carry out contracted research and experimental development work (social and cultural) and to render methodological support (both in relation to the creation of methods and in use of methods);
    • to raise public awareness of scientific knowledge, to use it in culture, education, health care, social and economic activity, and to contribute to the creation of an economy based on innovation and knowledge and education of open knowledge society.



    Name: Jolita Radušienė
    Position: Chief researcher
    Department: Laboratory of economic botany
    Department address:
    Telephone: 0037052729930